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WELL WE'VE DONE IT AND WE ARE BACK......................After the Quireboys gig, we are looking at going back to the studio to record our next CD, and we will be playing again regular so please look back for the next dates...

STOP PRESS>>>>>>>>>>>We are going to release the LIVE cd, so anyone wanting one can give me a shout!!

SIOUXNATION             formed in 1992 ish. All like minded friends, they decided to do something about it. Being of sound minds they embarked on a journey that would see them touring everywhere including support slots with The Quireboys, Blaze, Skin, Tyketto, Rockbitch to name but a few.  We promise to enlighten even the most hardend music fans with their own distinctive sound and the ability to mix different styles.

Siouxnation are: Telf Vocals, Steve Adair Guitar, Sime Guitar, Dragster Bass, Kav Drums

Thank you for looking!